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Team player very dedicated in work environment worked for over 3 years as an Oracle Database administrator, having hands experience in database administrator, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, performance tuning, backup and recovery cloning, space management. To work in a professional and challenging environment, while best utilizing my talent and keeping abreast with the latest technical advancement in Information Technologies.

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Windows Server

How to Install Windows Server 2016/2019 Step by Step Install Windows Server 2016/2019 on VMware Step by Step Install Windows Server 2016/2019 on Server Step by Step If we’re going to install in VMware we can setup the static up

Windows Server : DHCP/DNS

Microsoft Windows Server : DHCP/DNS Server Installation & Configuration First, let’s install DHCP role on the serer. From Server Manager, Add Roles and Features and then click Next button on the next screen I have assign the DC-CLOUD Name I Have

Cent-os Installation Steps

Cent-OS Installation Steps Before start installation we need to assign disks and name. Suppose I have here assign in screen-short which I have attached here, After that we just click next Allocate the memory (RAM) space Create hard disk Just

Installation OwnCloud on Ubuntu 18.04 / CentOS 8

How to Install OwnCloud on Ubuntu 18.04 / CentOS 8 OwnCloud is free robust open source software that allows you to set up your own cloud syncing, like Dropbox and Onedrive cloud storage, and other cloud storage services out there,

Installation WireGuard/ OpenVPN Server

How to install Pihole addblocker & Wireguard VPN server in Ubuntu 20.04 After the ubantu server we need to login to sever Need to update and upgrade Sudo apt-get update or sudo apt update Sudo apt upgrade After that need

unix/linux Commands

unix/linux Commands

Learn Open source Unix-like operating systems

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