12c Database Create Profile,Tablespace, Add users and insertion conditions

after connect with database need to check the instance status


if we are going to start in 12c oracle database we have to set the sessions after connect with database.

sql>alter session set “_ORACLE_SCRIPT”=true;

now here creating the user profile

SQL> create profile querypanel_users limit

    sessions_per_user unlimited

    cpu_per_session   unlimited

    cpu_per_call      4500

    connect_time      30;

Creating tablespace

SQL> create tablespace querypanel_india datafile ‘/u01/app/oracle/oradata/querypanel01/querypanel_india.dbf’ size 200m autoextend on;

so here i have created two database users

  • querypanel_india;

sql> create user querypanel_india identified by querypanel_india profile querypanel_users default tablespace querypanel_india;

both condition we can do it

if we don’t assign tablespace to user after that we can alter

SQL> ALTER USER querypanel_india IDENTIFIED by querypanel_india DEFAULT TABLESPACE querypanel_india;

  • querypanel_delhi;

create user querypanel_india identified by querypanel_delhi profile qurypanel_users;

Here assign the permission to users.

sql>grant all privileges to querypanel_india;

sql>grant all privileges to querypanel_delhi;

SQL> conn querypanel_india/querypanel_india;

SQL> select * from india; (connected by self user)

SQL> select * from querypanel_india.india; (sys user)

SQL> insert into querypanel_india.india values(‘004′,’Panjab’);

SQL> conn querypanel_delhi/qurypanel_delhi;

SQL> grant select,insert on resign_1 to querypanel_delhi;

SQL> grant all privileges to querypanel_delhi;

Grant succeeded.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

SQL> conn querypanel_delhi/qurypanel_delhi;


SQL> insert into RESIGN_1 values(’89’,’Delhi Laxmi Nagar’);

1 row created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

SQL> select * from resign_1;


———- ————————————————–

        89 Delhi Laxmi Nagar


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