365 User Management

How to add users in Microsoft office 365

Here I am going to explain the steps how to add standard user and admin user in Office 365

Steps: Login to admin.microsoft.com with admin privileges.

I am creating first Standard User.

Click to active users

 Active users list will be appear

Now here creating new user in custom domain

Click to add user

Basic Details about creating user

And next

User cannot changed password and password will send to administrator account

And click to next

Have selected here Business Standard

Now to click next

Select no admin center access and click next

Finish now and login to created user or reset password

So here is the created user’s details

Login as user

Click next here will be authentication check

Download Microsoft authenticator application

Scan and authenticate

Standard User Password

Have Login to Created standard user

Click on Install apps select app and download it

MS Office Setup File Downloaded

Install Downloaded file and use the office 365 Services.

ADD Admin User IN Microsoft Office 365

Fill here required details about Administrator which you wanted to create

Here password automatic generated and Global Admin will received the admin password on registered email id

Once done next button

Select office license and click to next

Administrator account assign

Selected administrator roles and click to finish

Created admin user

Created admin user Dashboard

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