Can’t Connect to Internet?

Here I will share the steps

 How to troubleshoot.

How to Troubleshoot Internet if you are not connected to internet

Once you will face any kinds of network connection issues

Open command promote


Type cmd

So, type ipconfig or ipconfig /all

I am not getting any IP Address but adaptor displaying undefined network

So, there is multiple options to troubleshoot Network connection

First Method:

Right click to active adaptor and disable adaptor

Now enable it

Still internet is not working

Still internet is not connected showing undefined network


Checking step 2:

Sometimes same ip address assigned to multiple devices this can be a loop hole

ipconfig /release

C:\Users\shari>ipconfig /renew

domain name system (DNS)

If still not working flushdns

If still not working insert DNS like Google or Oracle dns  dns  dns

After updating static dns internet is working

Or we can also try dns

IP addresses and as your DNS

So main cause is our DNS

So this is the process to rectify network issues

Internet pinging status

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