Cent-os Installation Steps

Cent-OS Installation Steps

Before start installation we need to assign disks and name.

Suppose I have here assign in screen-short which I have attached here,

After that we just click next

Allocate the memory (RAM) space

Create hard disk

Just click on create option and minimum hard disk capacity is 15GB and after that we can assign as per the recurment

After that we need to also select the dynamically or Fixed size for it I am going to select fixed size.

If we will select fixed size it will take sometimes to fixed the memory size

If the remaining timing will completed so fixed size memory had allocated.

After that we will just start the machine and select the option whatever we’re looking for

 And we will set the time zone

Installation source

Here I have selected auto detected installation media

Here we will add the machine installation disk drive

So here I am going to install Gnome desktop whatever as per the requirement and also we can select the add-ons

Here we will also assign the hostname whatever we like to prefer so here I just mention centos

In the network protocol we need to configure each protocol nodes and have to start the network

So here I have selected the internet connection automatically if we want we can check in every nodes

So after that if we check and configure overall setting we will going to begin installation process

If we check the installation the window will appear like this

We can here check and set the root administrator password

And same things apply in user creation

After the user creation we will wait until the installation finish

When installation will completed we need to un-selected the optical drive

After that popup window open force to un-mount just click to over it and reboot the machine

Click on reboot button

After click over machine tab select reset button  

After that

This window will be appear

Accept the license agreement click okay and login the system

Click on forward

So here Centos installation completed

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