In order to increase high-availability for your business-critical data using Windows Server, you need Failover Clustering in Windows Server to achieve it.

Failover clustering will enable you to make you Windows Server services highly available. In this guide we will go just through simple setup of failover clustering on Windows Server 2019 without setting up any services.

Introduction to Windows Server Failover Clustering | SpringerLink

Steps to Create HighAvailability Cluster Environment in Windows Server.

HighAvailability Server


Windows Server.

Minimum Requirements:

Same windows server operating system.

Main Machine- example: win server 2019 DC- Domain Controller, – DC IP –

First Node 1 – win server 2019 (Active – Active) – Adaptor 1 –, Adaptor 2 –

Second Node 2 – Win Server 2019 (Active – Passive) Adaptor 2 –, Adaptor 2 –

if do you already working on DC Environment it’s okay otherwise need to install and Configure DC.

because Failover cluster will communicate with same network DC Environment.

– Suppose i am having DC Environment.

Need to install Node1 and Node 2. and join DC.

node pc name need to rename as per you. Nodes will join DC Environment

win+r = sysdm.cpl (shortcut key)

(win dc and nodes IP Will be Static)

once you will attached the NODE1 AND Multiple node pc to dc

you will login that pc from administrator account.

in Node 1,node 2 – nedeed to Network Adaptor.


so now,

iscsi target and iscsi storage in DC.

install failover cluster.


create storage drive using iscsi.

new isdcsi virtual disk as per need

minimum as per your requirment.


Log Drive



WHILE Creating Virtual Disk

Access Server- add-ENTER the node 1 and node 2 ip address.


iscsi Initiator.(Default Installed)

run iscsi Initiator.

IP will be Server dc, so we created ISCSI File in DC.

find the created dc – attached machine node1 and node 2.

attached them with your node.

volume + autoconfigure.

so now available disk will be available in node 1 and node 2.

win+r – diskmgmt.msc

make the disk online and active disk.

So here,

I AM Already having DC Environment.

Now need to create NODES.

So, my Domain Controller is vre.local

And I already having nodes windows server.

Once join to the Domain Controller need to login from Same Admin User.

If you have already joined to DC your pc can login from DC Administrator.

So here,

And assign the static IP.

Implementing Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2019

So now,

GO to DC

Click add Features and roles.

Select server


iSCSI Target and Storage Provider

And other make as default install it

Once install click on

File storage services

Click on Iscsi Virtual task and click on create

You can create on external drive also

So here I am creating as default.

Assign the name as per your need

I am giving here 5GB

Click on new iSCSITarget

Allocate name

Check your name attached with Cluster

Or search from ip address

Click to Next

Leave as default

So, click on create and create first iSCSI Disk

Iscsi Disk Created

We ned to create minimum  – Iscsi  Disks



Log Drive

So, again I m creating disks.

Assign size

Click next

Click on create disk

Created disk and close


Login to Node1 and Node 2 for Iscsi initiator

Click to quick connect

Click to Done so bellow screen connection established

Click on volume and device and click auto configuration

Right click on both disk which is not current activated make it online

Click on initialize disk

Select as default

Now assign name

Once done


Now install the Cluster in both nodes.

So, in feature select and install.

Once cluster install  need to install File Server also.

Click to start Failover Cluster. Node 1 and node 2

Click to validate and create cluster in node1 node 2.

Select both servers (in my case Failover1 and Failover2) and select Next


Run all tests | Next


All test were success | Finish

Confirm the next options, and we will reach the confirmation screen, where we can check the information to create the cluster before hitting Finish and really create our Cluster.

We can proceed to creating cluster

Create Failover Cluster

Once validation done in node 1 and node 2.

Now Create cluster in node 1 and node 2.


Assign the Cluster IP


Once the Cluster is created, we can move on to define what kind of role (resource) we’ll need to use.


So, cluster validate and created.

So, now adding Disks

Select the disks

Once disks attached the disks will be online

You can assign disk as per the need

Log Disk

Network Interface

Creating file server in cluster environment

File Server and next

As you can see I have selected file server for general use

Assign File server name and IP Address

Select Cluster Hardisks for cluster

Confirm configuration and disks

Configuring IP

Select SMB Share

Select disk volume

File Server Name



And click to create

Here, here create HighAvailablity File Server

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