Domain/Tree/Forest ?

Domain: an office infrastructure when server and client system working together –

Client services dependent on server is called domain.

Domain is a method to managing clients and Policies managed by centralize server.

CLIENTS and system working together with the help of server and dependent on server is known as domain. If there is any issues on server clients

Cannot do anything.

Like example:

SBI Bank having branches in Bihar Cities, one City Branch domain having technical issues so overall city branches facing the issues.

So, clients totally dependent on City Domain.

So, that’s why clients and server work together is known as domain.

What is Tree?

Collection of Multiple Domain is known as tree.

Multiple domain working together known as Tree.

Example: SBI having branches in Overall Bihar .In every city having separate Branches.

So here overall Bihar having multiple branches. So head office will be tree.

What is forest?

Collection of multiple Tree knows as forest.

Example: in India overall Indian States having separates branches,Bihar,Delhi,UP and etc..

So, states having multiple tree- suppose single state called as tree,

So collection of tree know as forest: suppose overall state call as forest.

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