Domain Trees, and Forests

What is a Domain?

Domain is a Method to organize clients and server, Servers and Clients Working together is know as a Domain and
All the Clients totally dependent on the Server is also know as Domain.
A domain is a collection of clients that are completely Dependent on a server for their functionality.

in Bihar State:

Having Multiple Domain Like Example:

Eaxmple: Microsoft having the Head Office in Washington USA,
It’s represent a Microsoft Domain Washington(So, Every Location Branches represent the Domain)
So, in USA Microsoft having Multiple, it’s means Microsoft having Multiple Domain in all over the Worlds(Multiple Branches).

Tree? Collection of Multiple Domains is known as Tree.

Indian Having multiple States(I am assuming – a state is a tree/ in India states there is so many cities/ so Indian cities become sub domains.
and States will Become Primary Domain Like -Patna is the Capital of Bihar means – Primary Domain will be

Example: these will be a Trees – / and so on..

Forest? Collection of Multiple Trees know as Forest.

Like Example we are having multiple states in India 29th States, India having 29th Trees assuming.
so, assuming 29th State become Trees- collection of multiple Trees is called as Forest.

Example : is a Forest