Elastix VoIP PBX

Opensource Elastix 2.4 Free VOIP Server – Elastix IP PBX

And Configuration.

We can install it on Virtual Machine and Any Physical Server

Now here I am installing it in VmWare

Elastix VoIP is based on CentOS Operating System

How to Install Elastix PBX VoIP Call step by steps


Now Started the Installation

Press enter to install

Loading is started

Select the Language

Keyboard type

After that screen will be appear

Select the Drive

 Press your keyboard’s right arrow to select Yes to remove all old partitions and press Enter

Check the patriation

Press your keyboard’s right arrow to select No to keep default partition layout

Press Yes/Enter to configure network

Enable IPV4 network support and press OK

Provide your Static IP address details to access Elastix server. You can also select DHCP for Dynamic IP my Suggestion select Static IP(Manually IP)

Enter DNS name and default your network

Please assign a hostname to your Elastix server

Select time zone

Provide a root password to access your CentOS Linux system server

After that installation process will be started

It will take little time to complete packages installation

Completed installation after that screen will be appear

Enter the MySQL password

Enter the web login password

Installation done. Now you can login to your Elastix from another computer by visiting your real IP address

After successfully installation you need to customize according to your need

Login your static server IP

After the login screen Dashboard

Click to PBX menus

  Select PBX Configuration

Click to outbound routes

And add the outgoing call

Already have created music on hold and time group so we can create letter also

Click to trunks

Add trunk


Click to SIP Trunk

Add the SIP Trunk

Inbound Routes

Add incoming route

How to make IVR Recording

So, we need to add the recording

System Recordings

Recorded file format must be

 the file must be PCM Encoded, 16 Bits

After added your System RECORDING check it

So now go to IVR Menu Click to Add IVR

If we need to Terminate call, we also need to make the System Recording if we needed

So, if we require ring group we can create

We can create multiple ring groups

Click to add Extension

Click to add after that edit and type  Permit : network – like –



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