Firewall: A network Security method to keep you safe from non authorize access and packets will receive only authorize and filter access.
Firewalls typically work on the network layer and transport layer, some are also capable of working as high as the application layer.

Firewall is a defense system of any network Firewall.
Firewall is a security method of any network firewall.
firewall always keep you safe
Firewall keep prevent from hackers and non authorize access internal and external.

A firewall performs the task of inspecting network activity, looking for cyber threats by comparing data against
an extensive catalog of known threats.
They can also detect abnormal activity, which may signal a potential threat

Firewall is a two way protection security method or protocol,
Firewall used to protect internal threat and external threat.

TYPES OF Firewall protection Hardware device and software.
hardware firewall

A hardware firewall acts as a gatekeeper and antivirus solution for your server.
It sits directly behind the router and can be configured to analyze incoming traffic,
filtering out specific threats as they come across the device.

Hardware Firewall Network protection dependent how do you configure your firewall.
which security policies you have applied.

Example: I am using PfSense firewall. Linux Kernel Firewall.
have configure according to Infrastructure.

so, allow traffic disallow traffic.
some of the customized good firewall having option to protect IT infrastructure to use Proxy Server.

Firewall is the Gatekeeper of any Network. it’s filter network traffic incoming and outgoing network traffic.
Firewall is protector of entire network associated with them.

Firewall: Firewall is used to protect your internal Network from unwanted thread.
Firewall is the protector of your internal Network from outside thread.
firewall is a two way protection method.

Hardware Firewall protect the entire firewall.
implemented on the Router Level to protect the entire network.

firewall only allow authentic traffic and block unwanted traffic.

What can firewall do?
Focus on security decision.
stop hackers to enter your network and pc.
firewall allow which program can access internet.
Authentication managed by firewall rules

every operating system having inbuilt software firewall.
if you are surfing internet you have visited so many sites and application from that site
you will not get any thread or any virus software’s.

in simple language you can say a firewall is a protector of your workplace infrastructure
in every pc having default windows firewall protector.

one more example:
in infrastructure in one pc having virus and thread, so in this scenario firewall will also can deal with internal thread or virus
that’s why firewall is a two way protector.

types of firewall.

  • Hardware: in workplace or home network if you are having hardware firewall enable then
    hardware firewall will uniquely identify all pc connected and assign network address
    and cross check browsing
  • Software Firewall: Software firewall protect the individual computer or single computer.

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