Custom Domain M 365

How to Add Custom Domain in Office 365 Cloud

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These are the 4 steps we need to follow to add domain in Microsoft Office 365

Add Domain

Domain Name

Domain Verification

Connect Domain



Login to Microsoft admin portal with admin privileges


Once Login to admin office 365 admin center

Click to show all once expand

Now click to setting

click to domains

Once domain page will open click to add domain

Type to domain (your) name

Select TXT Record or direct login to your    domain provider

Click Continue

So, here TXT Records

Need to add in DNS TXT Record


I had Godaddy Domain so I need to update here.

Once records updated click to verify Domain

click continue

need to add DNS Record

adding DNS Records on Godaddy

Updating DNS Records in Godaddy

DNS Records update

And Domain Verified

These are the simple steps to add domain and verify domain in Microsoft Office 365

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