Install and Configure the Proxmox

How to install  and Configure the Proxmox Virtual Environment virtualization management solution step by steps

Proxmox is a Debian based Linux Operating system

Proxmox is a Opensource platform


Select to install Proxmox VE

After installation process start

Screen will appear

Click to agree

In virtual environment verify the disk click to next

Country Selection

Here enter the SSH and web password

Please type your FQDNS hostname IP Address with gateway & DNS in your network

 Click to install

After that screen will be appear like this wait until the installation finished

Connect to the Proxmox web interface and configure the network

completed installation you need to go to browser and login or you can connect vi SSH

Click on proceed to advance

Login with your root user and configure your mail gateway settings

After login

You can check the mail filter according to your reliability

Click on action object

If we need to change enable or disable just click on edit option

Now we need to configure

So, click on configuration

Click to create option insert name as per you

Options tab

Add the administrator email id –

Select the mail proxy

Enter the mail server details , your mail server IP Address

Click on Relay Domains create Relay domain

Click on ports enter the port numbers

Click on transports and create to relay domain

Create to networks

USER management

Click on LDAP so here I am using Zimbra server you can use your mail server



username – uid=admin,ou=people,dc=querypanel,dc=com

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