Lockout Policies Win 2022

Configure Account Lockout Policies in Windows Server 2019

How to Enable Account Lockout Policy and Troubleshoot

Login to your DC

Go to Server manager click to tools

Now click to Group Policy Management

Edit Default Group Policy

Click to Computer Configuration->Policies->Windows Settings ->Security Settings->Account Policies -> Account  Lockout Policy

So, here enable Account lockout duration

 And enable the policy and apply

Active account policies

So, these are the process to enable lockout policy in AD

Active Directory Account Lockout issue and how to Troubleshoot

Open your event viewer

Lockout Event ID- 4740,

SO HERE I will filter and check the status

Here I am getting complete details about Lockout issues with user and computer name and time.

Open active directory users and computers console select the user go to properties and click to  account Check here this user is locked as per the login policy

If you wanted to enable user, just check to enable or user will automatically enable after 30 Minutes

Second method to check via PowerShell

Type the command and press enter

Search-ADAccount -LockedOut

Search-ADAccount -LockedOut -UsersOnly