Map Shared Drive

How to Create Network Shared Folder and How to Map Shared Drive.

How to Map Network Drives in Windows

let’s discuss about how to shared folder to your organization

Open Windows Server Manager and Click on Tools

Here, Creating Organizational Unit Architecture

Creating New OU,

So, right click on DOMAIN GO TO NEW and Select to Organizational Unit.

Assign name to OU and click to create

Protected OU in Active Directory Select Protected Container

How to Enable and Disable Protected OU

Active Directory Users and Computers -> Click to -> Advanced Features ->

Right Click on OU and go to Properties

Now it will open Selected OU properties page and click on Object

Uncheck un protected- is not protected

Check- Protected form Accidental Deletion

Create the Group in OU

Assign name and create

NOW, Go to properties and the members on this group

Once added the members click to okay and apply

Now create a new folder and go to folder properties

Right click to folder go to properties

And mark to share folder

Now click to permission and click to add members in shared folder

So, once added member & check mark to full control click okay to share and apply the setting

Now again go to Windows server manager and click to tools open group policy management

Select the OU and write click to create new group policy and link to it

Assign new name to Group Policy and click okay to create

Once policy is created click to edit

So, once GPO EDITED you will jump to management editor

Now go to User configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings->Drive Maps

Assign name and Shared folder path

Now click on Common

Check Run Logged and Item Level Targeting

Now click on Targeting

And click to new items and select Security Group

Select the created Security Group

And click okay apply

Once selected security group with user’s member

So, Map shared folder created

Once shared folder process is done

So, need to update the policy using gpupdate or gpupdate /force

Go to command prompt run as administrator

Now Check the Map Drive Status if you are already logged, please logout and login again

And check the status of shared drive

These are the simple and easy method to shared network map drive.