MariaDB Ins RHAT

Red Hat Linux/Centos Mariadb installation

 Installing MariaDB

 dnf to install the MariaDB package

You can now install the MariaDB server by running the following command

[root@rserver8 ~]# dnf install mariadb-server -y

Downloading the latest MariaDB repository

[root@rserver8 ~]# wget

execution right to the script

[root@rserver8 ~]# chmod +x mariadb_repo_setup

Installing downloaded repo

[root@rserver8 ~]# sudo ./mariadb_repo_setup

Once the MariaDB is installed, you will need to start the MariaDB service and enable it to start at system reboot. You can do it with the following command

[root@rserver8 ~]# systemctl start mariadb

[root@rserver8 ~]# sudo systemctl enable mariadb

[root@rserver8 ~]# systemctl status mariadb

updating the centos server if any repository is missing

[root@rserver8 ~]# dnf update

Secure MariaDB Installation

By default, MariaDB installation is not secured on Cent OS. So it is recommended to secure the MariaDB installation and set the MariaDB root password. You can do it by running the mysql_secure_installation script

[root@rserver8 ~]# sudo mysql_secure_installation

Just press Enter. You will be asked to switch to unix_socket authentication

Once installation successfully done

Login to maria db database server

[root@rserver8 ~]# mysql -root -p

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