MBR/GPT Difference

MBR/GPT Difference

Bare metal server — Install OS to Direct Physical server know as bare metal server.

Master Boot Record


MBR Support BIOS Legecy mode

it’s old partition table

MBR Support up to 2TB Hard Disk not more then 2 TB  Hard Disk

it will support 3 Partition table

slow to boot

no unique identification

crrupt data is not recoverable

not much secure only password on BIOS

boot partition and data store in one place.

How to check boot VM running on which Firmware in VMWARE

Click to edit

Vmware machine setting in any os

Click on vm and edit machine expand BOOT options

Check and select the firmware

So here selected machine is running MBR disk Format

Master boot record support BIOS.

GPT  —–

GUID Partition Table

GPT Support for UEFI Mode -VMWARE Vsphre EXSI using EFI –UEFI and EFI is same.

it is new partition table

it is support up to 10 TB

GPT Support 128 Primary partition

Fast boot

Universally unique identifiers

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) GPT notic the problem and able to recover automatic

data can easly recoverable

more secure

boot partition and data stored in multiple places

want to check which boot firmware supporting go to machine click to edit

click to VM options

expand Boot Options

Firmware is currently EFI(UEFI) mode

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