Security Policies M365

How to configure Security Policies and rules in Office 365


Login to

Once you have logged in admin center click to App launcher

And click to admin

And you will redirect to Microsoft 365 admin center

Click to show all admin centers

And click to security and will open security page

Now we are here to configure policies and rules in 365 so click to it

So, once security and policies page open, we will configure required policies and will discuss about it.

So, lets start with First Policies which is Threat policies

Click to threat policies

 NOW CLICK on Preset security policies

So, lets enable preset security policy

Click to manage protection

Click to Select protection  and click to next.

And click to confirm the protection

So, now standard protection is enabled click to done

Now let’s jump to strict protection and click to manage protection setting

If you wanted to exclude users and admin, click to add excluded email and domain or leave as default and next

Policy mode turn on when finished and click to next.

Here applying the policies to all users including with domain and confirm it.

Strict protection policies configured click to done

So, check here you have finally enabled both policies

Now jump to threat policy again click to threat policies


Standard Recommendations

Now need to apply the stand policies once select the false to true it will apply the anti-malware policies

it will disappear from standard recommendation will apply the policy

Once apply strict email quarantine recommendation it will apply the if now allowed users it will quarantine


Protect users from phishing attacks, and configure safety tips on suspicious messages.

click to open and create rules.

Default rules is already created if you want to create new rule just click to create

Creating new rules

Click to next

Add the users and domain

And click to next



HERE I HAVE SELECTED Spam email goes to junk box and click to next.

Review and click to submit

Now new anti-phishing policy created and click to done

Now we will discuss about Anti-Spam click and open the policies.

These are the default Anti-Spam Policies

Now adding new inbound policy

Assign name and click to next

Select users and select domain if you are having groups click to select and click to next

Check the setting and select that according to your criteria and next the setting

And now message actions select that and click to next.

Now you can here select whitelists and blacklists domain and click to next

Now review and click to create policy

Click to done

Created inbound policy

Now creating Anti-Spam outbound policy

Select the users and domain and click to next

Now select the protection setting and assign the daily limits and click to next

Review and click to create

Click to Done

Created outbound rules

Now jumping to Anti Malware policy click to open the policy

Protect your organization’s email from malware, including what actions to take and who to notify if malware is detected

These are the default created policy

So, if you like to create new policy just click to create

Click to create policy

Select users group and domain and click to next

Select the protection extension and click to next

Now submit and create anti malware policy

So, click to done now new anti-malware policy is created

Created anti-malware new policy

These are the Microsoft office 365 Security policies and rules.

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