Server Static IP/HDD Config

How to Configure static IP Address IPv4 Static HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8/9/10 and some other server have little change the configuration function keys only the process will be same.

We will get only some function keys different on other server.

Press F10 or F9

Step 1:

Click F9 function key.

Click F9 System Utilities.

After that select

System Configuration.

Select  BIOS/Platform Configuration.

According to server ILO Select that.

Click on Network Options.

IF we are going to assign Static IP Address need to disable DHCP IP address.


Type on IP Address, DNS or Default Network Gateway.

Once if you enter the IP details need to click F12 Save and exit.

And click too next.

Need to reboot the server.

Once reboot done you will get the static IP.

How to Configure Hard Disk in HPE Server

Click on F10 function key.

Intelligent Provisioning

Select Perform Maintenance.

SELECT Raid Configuration.

Click on HPE Smart Array

  Select Configure

  Click on Physical Device

  And click on

Create Array

or modify.

Select the Physical HDD

Need to click on check box all or according to you.

Here I am selected all hard disk.

Once done.

need to click to finish.

So, now restart the pc and install the Operating System.

Linux or Windows.

VMware VSphre Installation in HPE Server.


Select USB or CD/DVD booting option according to you.

While you have selected the disk operation will be start.

So, click the ISO file.

And click to connect.

Now Preparing RAID Configuration select current OS.

Click to OS setting and continue.

Once selected os need to edit OS Settings.

Change the Hostname.

I am using Hostname as root.

Type your secure password these username and password required while you’re going to login.

Click back to summary and install

Accept and apply configuration.

Express OS installation will be started.

ONCE INSTALLATION done reboot the server.

So now it will be going to start the Installation and don’t need to remove CD/DVD or usb attached for Installation

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