Software Patches

In this blog I will explain you how to deploy Software Update / patches using SCCM

Before deploying software updates to the systems, we need to make sure making the SCCM infra ready for this. This consists of several components.

SCCM Software update point (SUP roles)

Right click on site

Click on next


Select SUP and click next

Ether we can select intranet or internet and intranet (now I am selecting intranet)


If wsus is installed same server need to select 1 option

If wsus is installed in other server need to select second option

In my senerio I have installed in same server – selecting first option

So here selection schedule update

Custom schedule

Or select simple schedule

Expired update times

Click full files

Select update categories and next

Click on Classifications tab and select following Software update classifications:

Critical Updates
Security Updates
Upgrades Critical Updates & Security Updates are the most important one we are interested for deploying patches, I have gone with Upgrades for

deploying this feature as well. Select other classifications based upon your need.

Click on Products tab, scroll down to see Windows category and select the OS versions you wanted to get patches for. You need to select:

Select the products as per you originzation in-fracture

Update language

Click on next summery


Now click and close the wizard


So finally, Microsoft update services is configured

Creating Patch upgrade group

Select update software


Software Update Using SCCM

SCCM windows and application update settings

Devices collections

All OU Windows 10 Computer

Right click on Devices collections


Patch update

Available Updates

Select the Required Update applications

Create update group

Click to download

Deploy Software update

Specify time


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