Ubuntu with Pi-Hole AddsBlocker

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 Server with Pi-Hole  AddsBlocker


Here I am going to give the overview about how to install Static Ubuntu 20.04 Server in Virtual Machine.

Need to download the Ubuntu Server 20.04 ISO according to your system configuration 32 bit / 64 bit.

Here I am selection ENGLISH Installation Language.

Press Next.

So click on continue without updating.

Select Keyboard configuration.

Here I am using STATIC IP –

So Edit IPV4 Configuration.

Drop down select Manual.

You can use your IP as per your current network in the same network where you are using it.

Please recheck the Static ip configuration.

And click to done.

Click okay because proxy server is important for security.

Click to next

Here I am using server User details.

Please select the OpenSSH.

SSH using for Putty Connection.

Once done please restart the Server and check the IP Details.

Now you can connect with Putty Third party SSH.

Accept the connection while you are requesting first time need to accept for security resign.

Updating the ubuntu server.

Upgrading the ubuntu server.

Here downloading the Pihole libraries .

After downloading run it for installation AddsBlocker installation.

shariq@adblocker:~$ wget -O basic-install.sh https://install.pi-hole.net

Mention command for installation the PiHole AddsBlocker.

shariq@adblocker:~$ sudo bash basic-install.sh

Click to okay.

Click to okay.

Click to yes.

Click Google ECS or Custom it up to the network.


Please enter you DNS 1 AND DNS 2 or leave as for Google DNS.

After using DNS 1 AND DNS 2.

So need to recheck the DNS IP.






Select 0 show everything’s.

After installation auto generated web portal login details.

Click okay

open any browser

type the IP Address which you have used during installation.

so i have used

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