Upgrade Windows Server

Windows Upgradation (Windows server Migration 2016 to 2019)

How to Upgrade Windows Server 2016 to 2019 Step by Step

If you are still running Windows Server, you should upgrade to Windows Server 2019 since Windows Server 2016 will end the support.


To upgrade Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019, do the following:

Log in as an administrator on the server you want to upgrade.

Insert the Windows Server 2019 DVD or mount the installation ISO.

Browse to the root of the installation media and double-click setup.exe.
The Windows Server 2019 Setup window appears.

Follow the steps in the wizard according to the guidance in the Before You Begin section above. Note the following:

If you are upgrading from a DVD, you may be prompted to boot from DVD. You can let the request time out and the upgrade will continue.

When the upgrade is almost finished, a screen will indicate that settings are being finalized. When the upgrade is finished, you will be presented with the Windows Server 2019 login screen.

According to Microsoft, Windows Server 2016 will continue to update until Jan 12, 2027. And the end of life for Windows server 2019 is Jan 9, 2029. Windows Server 2022 has released in Sep 2021.

Even though Windows Server 2016 still acts as the main workhorse on many companies, we recommend upgrading to the latest version due to the new security function and better performance.

Before starting upgradation server first take complete server backup

So, here I am using AOMEI Software t take the complete backup

Default password:

Currently my DC is running on WINS 2016 SERVER



GO TO Attached windows server 2019 Directory

2016 server having 87 schema level and 2019 having 89 so need to upgrade my schema before upgrading

Cd support

Cd adprep


Adprep.exe /forestprep

And type c

(c for continue)

adprep.exe /domainprep

Don’t download and update while upgradation click on not right now.

Click and accept.

choose Keep personal files and apps – to keep data. 

Nothing -will cause all data to be deleted, including files, apps, and settings.


Select the wanted Windows Server 2019 image and then choose Next

After the upgrade is completed, verify that the upgrade to Windows Server 2019 was successful by going the the System Properties.

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