VCenter Install & Config

VCenter 7 Install and Configuration Step by Step

How to Install and Configure VCENTER

Check your EXSI Server version download as per the EXSI Edition

Download vCenter from vmware – download edition as per your requirements

Once downloaded mount ISO file

Vcenter setup

Go to vcsa-ui-installer folder

Go to win32 folder

Run the install


Once we have run the install.exe

Vcenter Installer wizard will be start

Select and click on Install

Introduction Click on Next

Select the License Agreement

VCENTER deployment target

Type IP of the host where you want to install vCenter Applicance, the root password and click on Next

Username and password and click to next

Generating VCenter Certificate select yes

 Assign VCenter name and username and password and click to next

use as VM name or change the name

Select Deployment Size

Select storage location datastore and click on next

Configure Network Settings

Overview click to finish

Stage 1 Deploy vcenter server

Completed Stage 1 and click to continue

Once Step one Completed Login to VCenter to Configure Stage 2

Click on setup


Step 2 wizard launching method 2

Server Configuration Click to next

Method 2:

Single sign on domain(sso)

Configure ceip

Complete overview about stage 2 and click to finish

Click on next

So, stage 2 Installation completed

And close the wizard you will redirect to vsphere client interface

Now click to Launch vsphere client

Login screen type the credentials and click on Login

Now you have Logged in Vsphere   Client Interface

VCenter Dashboard

Now, Adding Exsi Server

How to Add Exsi Server in VCenter

Menu->Host and Clusters

Right click

Go to add new datacenter

Assign the new name to Datacenter

Right click to add host

Exsi server – IP or hostname

Add host username and password

Click to yes

Summary click to next

Select License and click to next

Lockdown mode

VM Location

Click to finish

Overview – Once exsi added to vcenter

How to Upgrade EXSI Server

Go to menu select Lifecycle manager

Import iso

Browse updated version ISO and click to import

Click on Baselines-New Baseline

Click to upgrade and next.

Select ISO and click to next

Create new Baseline

Select ISO for Upgrading

Review details and click on Finish

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