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Veeam replication and backup

Veeam Backup & Replication is a software solution that protects your data by performing backup, replication, and recovery operations. With this product, you can recover your data fast from all types of infrastructure: virtual, physical, and cloud.

Start the installation by mounting the Veeam Backup & Replication image downloaded from Veeam’s product download page. Use the application of your choice to mount the ISO image or burn the image to a removable device with sufficient storage.

Veeam Backup & Replication is a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution that helps businesses protect their virtual, physical, and cloud workloads.

If you are looking for a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution, Veeam replication and backup is a good option to consider.

Here will cover every single steps

Steps to Veeam replication and backup:

Click to Install

Select Community Edition and click to next

Installing Program Features

Veeam replication and backup Installation is Completed.


First Adding Virtual bare metal Esxi Server.

Adding Esxi Server into Veeam Backup & Replication

SELCT your Vmware vSphre Virtualization 

Enter your Vsphre hosts details

Vpshre username and password

Generate Certificate

click to apply and add

Finish it and check the added Vsphre satatus

so, as you can check the screen attached Vsphre Server all vm is appearing

Hypervisor VSphres Server Attached


Click to Veeam

Backup infrastructure

Backup Repositories

(Using this method to externalally taking backing to another server not to same server)

Now click to add

Selecting Network Storage

SMB Share

Give the name to Repository


Backup Server Location

Backup Server Location

in below scree that’s the backup repository location

click to next

Mount Server

Click next

Review and check and click to next

so, Backup repositories created successfully 

Click yes and okay

newly created backup repository

now I wanted to take my VM BACKUP NOW Creating VM BACKUP

Assign VM Backup name

here, I will create backup from vsphre virtual machines

select vsphre vm

ADD MACHINE need vm username and password

Select backup repository

Incremental backup

Guest processing make as default and click to next

schedule backup synchronize time and apply

so finally finish VM Backup schedule

created vm backup

so check the vm backup status once backup done check the backup repository directory

as you can check here backup vbm and vbk file created

Here Taking Backup to Linux Apache Server Using Veeam Backup & Replication

So here I am having Apache server running on Cnetos 7 server in vpshre 6.7.

First, I will schedule the backup and also will restore the backup.

Having this running server

Running Server

Creating backup to crm application server

Click on Backup Infrastructure

Having backup repositories

Click to home and select backup job having virtual machine need to select that.

Assign the name

Virtual Machine Select EXSI Host and select VM for Backup and ADD that

Once done and click next

Select backup repositories and click to advanced for schedule backup time

Select Incremental backup days (it’s up to scenario)

And click too next

Here schedule time need to select click apply and finish


backup location and click to finish

So, schedule backup job is created

Now it’s started on schedule time.

Once schedule backup done will delete the current running machine and will restore server


Backup stored on Backup repositories attached


CRM Server Deleting

Deleted Server

Restoring Entire VM

Click on Restore Select Vmware Vsphre

Select restore  from backup

Restoring entire vm

Entire vm

Click on from backup

Select the backup repositories and click to add

Click too next

Select the restore to original location

Click to next

Now checking files available in which location

Now click next

Verifying vm

And click to next

Now click to finish

Now need to wait and once done recheck the machine

Process still running

Restore done and close

Now, as you can check on exsi server same virtual machine restore

turn on restored server and checking the Server status

So, after restoration server running fine.

Physical Server Backup using Veeam Solution

Click on Inventory and select Physical infrastructure click on

Click on Protection Group

 Type the name and select to next

Here we can take Individual computer backup also but I need to take backup of Domain Controller

Select AD

Select DC and click to next

Click on add button

Click to Browse

And type the Domain Controller username and password

Once added click okay and next

Click to next

If will select all AD  User it will Select all computer attached to DC

So here I’m selecting Only Secondary DC

Here selected all DC Infrastructure

And click too next

Selected VM also if Hyper V if installed so it can take all Backup

Click next

Test Now

Selected Secondary DC Backup Days

Click okay and apply and click to finish

Now click to finish

Protection Group Created

Now Creating Back Schedule for Physical Server

Right click Select new backup job (Linux or Windows)

Click to new job and create

Or Individual Computer and Server

Veeam copy files

Veaam Files Level Backup

Adding Physical File Backup Server for backup.

Click on Inventory the select File Shares and click to Add File Share

Here adding file Sever select that

Add the file server Win or Linux

Server Identification

File Server Backup repositories is Added

Now here creating and Scheduling File server Backup

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