Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines gives you the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions—development and testing, running applications and extending your datacenter.

AZURE Cloud Virtual Machine

Click to Create

So, here I m selection Virtual machine hosted by AZURE.

select the resource Group

Subscription just default selection

So, write the Instance details like Virtual machine name and etc…

Create the username

Select the Disks according to the need.


Select the Networking according to the resign

So here I am selection default subnet and you can also select the customize one subnet but subnetting sequence have to same as per resource Group & region. 


Once Validation passed click to create machine

So, if you can check after few seconds vm will deploy

Machine running status

Here is the difference between Cloud and on Premises virtual machine IP Protocol.

In every cloud Every virtual machine have unique public IP Address and with static IP Address but in on premises Virtual machine have only one static IP and common Public IP for the network.

In the networking module you will get 2 IP, Public and Private

These are the method to create a Virtual Machine in Azure cloud Server.

How to Connect Azure Cloud Virtual Machine Via Public IP

  (if you wanted to connect Virtual Machine on Private you need to install VPN Server for that)

So, I have NIC Public IP :

Run the CMD

Type mstsc

Once the popup will come type the IP Address

Enter the Username and Password

Once successfully connected

So now connected,

AZURE Connect with RDP

In Virtual Machine go to connection side menu

Click to Download RDP File

Once RDP file downloaded, please click to open

Click to press connect

Type the credentials username and password

So now connected successfully

RDP make the connection with the help of Port

These are the method to connect via RDP.

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