Virtual (NAT) Gateway

Create network address translation (NAT) gateway.

Gateway is a kind of networking device that interconnects two devices in different networks so that they can communicate with each other. In other words, it acts as a gate for another network. 

It contains both hardware and software components. The main purpose of gateway is to control routing of different networks. Routing control in essence means that all the traffic that flows through the transmission can be controlled accordingly. 



Connectivity: Gateway provides the better connectivity with other different networks

Better Flexibility: The gateway is getting more flexibility for your network because it is capable to translate all information from computers along with different kinds of systems.

Protection from Unwanted Users: Gateway allows user authentication for getting to improve the security.


Features and Characteristics of Gateway in Networking

  • Gateway uses the full-duplex mode of communication.
  • It has ultra data transmission speed amongst all network linking devices.
  • It is capable to encapsulate and de-capsulate the data packets.
  • It can control the all traffic issues with effectively.
  • Gateway can operates up to layer 5 of the OSI Model.


So, now going to create Virtual Network Gateway.

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Created the NAT Gateway