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How to Install VMware Esxi Hypervisor

Here: I have assign same IP to ILO network HP server and Assigninh the IP to VMware

step by step installation and configuration of VMware vSphere ESXi 7

Here for the installation in my Testing lab, I m using HP Proliant Server DL380 Intel Xeon processor of 3.00 GHz 12 CPU. .

CliCK Function F10.



Select USB or CD/DVD booting option according to you.

While you have selected the disk operation will be start.

So, click the ISO file.

And click to connect.

Now Preparing RAID Configuration select current OS.

Click to OS setting and continue.

Once selected os need to edit OS Settings.

Change the Hostname.

I am using Hostname as root.

Type your secure password these username and password required while you’re going to login.

Click back to summary and install.

Accept and apply configuration

Express OS installation will be started.

ONCE INSTALLATION done reboot the server.

So now it will be going to start the Installation and don’t need to remove CD/DVD or usb attached for Installation

Power on the server with CD inserted and make sure you have selected CD/DVD as your first boot device and you should see the following screen,

Once it boots to ESXi setup you should be able to see the following screen

Once setup gets totally loaded you will get a screen asking whether to continue or cancel the setup and as we want to install, we will hit enter to continue the setup.

Enter to Continue

ask to accept the licensing agreement, click F11 to accept, and continue.

Once you have accepted term and conditions

Screen will appear and checking the required libraries

After scanning it will check the Server attached hard-disk associated with current server

Press F11, you will get a screen asking to select the keyboard layout to be used. And depending upon the keyboard layout you want to use select it and hit enter. For me, I have selected Keyboard layout as US Default.

Need to set the Root password this password will use while you are going to create machines inside Vsphre

Need to reconfirm passwords.

Now check the system reliable information server hardware.

Now it will show you all the disk drive’s connected to your server, select the drive on which you want to install ESXi setup and hit enter or if it’s single drive then you may get a direct screen as below to install by pressing F11.

Once you click on F11 and installation starts, you will see the following screen.

Need to remove the installation media.

Once installation gets completed successfully, you should get a screen like this, for taking reboot after successful installation hit enter.

And once you rebooted the server you will get the screen of VMware vSphere 7 ESXi.

Now to assign the IP Address to the server press F2 and it will prompt for username and password, put root credentials which we had set during the ESXi installation and select Configure Management Network and hit enter and you should get the following screen,

Select IPv4 configuration and hit enter.

You can make it to set the IP address as DHCP and also you can set it to static IP Address. Here I am setting it to use static IP address, select Static IP Address and enter the IP and hit enter and it will ask to restart management network click yes.

Once IP configuration done can exit.

So now can login to Exsi VSphre client

After login screen will be appear

So here we can create Machine as per requirements

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