Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)

Start Windows server Manager & Install windows server update services

Add the required features

For Large scale company also need to select SQL Setup

Select WD Connectivity & WSUS Services

Here need to install where we will going to add download location

Now install wsus service

Create new gpo and edit the gpo -this GPO will assign to OU or if you wanted default domain.

And need to link with Policy to OU

Editing policy


Intranet Update


NOW CONFIGURE Automatic updates


Edit Automatic updates detection

Mostly select schedule update up to  22 hours let’s check in testing infrastructure 1 hours

Link the create gpo to ou

Updated created policy or need to wait for 90 to 120 Minutes if we don’t update.

Start wsus

Start the configuration

Improvement program

Synchronize windows updates

If you are using proxy server add the proxy here

Start connecting and click to next

Select language

Select windows os and updates required plugins

Selected windows os updates

Select update types

Select Synchronization time

Start synchronization and click to next

Click to server and click to updates

Select all updates /

Select status any

Classification update types:

Select : superdense & Needed Count

If we don’t get any computer which is added in ou

Open command prompt

Run it

Wuauclt /detectnow

Now check the computer pc is listed

Select updating Windows apps and approve

Select from drop down approve for install

Once installation approve done

Click to close approval page from this downloaded apps we will going to install to operating system

So, same updates installed to windows server

We have successfully installed wsus

These are the process to use wsus services

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