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How to Install Windows Server 2016/2019 Step by Step

  1. If we’re going to install in VMware we can setup the static up after windows server installation completed
  2. If we’re going to install in Server like inter or HP server or etc before installation we need to assign static IP to our server

Now here I am installing on HPE ProLian Gen9

Before Installation need to assign IP Address and Hard Disk to Server.

ILO IPV4 Configuration connect to LAN cable

Press F10

F10 intelligent provisioning

(it will take little time after press f10)

After these setup preference screen will be appeared

We need to configure this with static IP

Click on perform maintenance

Need to click on ILO configuration

Network setting

Select IPV4

Enter the IP Address

Subnet mask and gateway

And apply

Need to reboot the server for detecting current IP Configured

 Now we can start the windows server installation

Start the windows installation

Click to next

 Now click on Install now button to start the installation process.

Select the appropriate version of the windows server that meets your organization’s needs then click Next. Make sure that you’ve chosen an appropriate edition of Windows server

For GUI we need to select the Desktop Experience

I accept license terms and click on the Next button. License term is about the way you want to buy license for your server from Microsoft.

 Select the Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option for clean installation. Clean installation is the term used against upgrade. When you upgrade a Windows server you can have your settings, apps, etc from previous version of Windows. When you do the clean installation you can’t have the settings, apps, etc

Select the hard drive that you want to install the windows server on, then click on the New button to do the partitions.

After clicking Next the System start for Installation.

It will take a while so be patient. Be aware that your system will be restarted several times.

Type complex password (composed of uppercase, lowercase, symbol and numbers) twice in the boxes and click on the Finish button.

User name is Administrator by default

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons to jump start the screen to a login page and inside the box below the administrator user name, enter the password and press Enter button from the keyboard to sign in the Windows.

After installation you can assign the static IP to windows server 2016/2019

Type on cmd ncpa.cpl

Go to properties

Click on TCP /IPV4

And configure the static ip

You have to configure according to your network protocol

And also need to rename the default server name

cmd- sysdm.cpl

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