Windows Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot AD while user cannot join Domain

Need to Check the Network Issues

Step 1:

need to Check the user system in connected with same and Network Connection.

Step 2:

Check the Ping status client to Domain and domain to client(user) pc.

Step 3:

Ping the DNS IP to Client Machine if getting ip then okay

otherwise, open network adaptor setting in client pc go to active ethernet Properties

edit TCP/IPV4

in DNS Section: type the dns ip to dns server address

step 4:

Check DC (ADDS FSMO Roles status: if you are running multiple Domain Controller)

all 5 fsmo roles should be work properly

netdom query fsmo

and check all 5 fsmo roles is active and with the same domain.

How to Troubleshoot DNS Issues in Active Directory

 Open Network Adaptor setting and go to properties select TCP/IPV4 and go to advanced

Advanced TCP/IP Settings

Disable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP and apply

Now open cmd prompt as a administrator

And type here ipconfig /flushdns

Network Shell (Netsh). Netsh stands for network shell. It’s a powerful command-line tool used to update Windows network configuration settings. It allows users to display or modify the network configuration of the computer that is currently running.

Winsock, or Windows Socket, is a programming interface that enables communication between Windows network software and the underlying network hardware. 

Netsh winsock reset

How to Troubleshoot if windows is not booting

Once we are facing the issues windows get booting issues

There will be 2 options


Advanced Options

Click to advanced options

   Advanced Windows Troubleshoot

    Select Troubleshoot


      Advanced options

      Select command Prompt

     Select the windows user

      User password

Once command prompt is open



Type first command bootrec /fixmbr

:\windows\system32> bootrec /fixmbr

Next command

bootrec /rebuildbcd

:\windows\system32> bootrec /rebuildbcd

Now close command prompt

Then press to continue windows

So, this is the process to troubleshoot windows booting issues