Workgroup/Domain Group


Domai:Domain is a Group of Resource specfic by the name.
Domain is a method to organize a group with a name.

Domain is a resource management process which can be assign by the name and associated with the Internet Protocal IP Adress.

Domain is the address of Website like public domain and private domain
example: — it’s a domain but it’s associated with IP Address.

kinds of domain:
Public Domain availability to everyone
Example and etc.

Private Domain only authorized users.
abc.local or etc


Workgroup: workgroup is a method to arrange self contained computers system in any network. workgroup is not connected to any server.
workgroup pc is not under centralize management system not having the any security policies.

WORKGROUP Domain collection of self contained computers
A workgroup primarily uses a pee to peer networking architecture
in which each computer is self-contained, with its user account
permissions, memory, and importance. Furthermore, the security of these systems is questionable.

no centralized control over the devices in the workgroup.

Domain group: Domain group is a process to manage Centralize pc and server. a domain controller is used to manage all connected pc server in the domain Group.

Centralize control to all devices over the domain group.

Difference Between work group and domain group:

Workgroup: all system and pc / servers is in the peer connection but there is not any centralize management.

workgroup is also knows as a Individual management system or self control system.

example workgroup: in every pc/server need to assign policies individually.
less secure workgroup infrastructure.

Domain: in Domain group a centralize server managing all connected devices like server, pc, printers, switches and etc.
Domain Group can set the centralize policies and security and assign the roles as per the profile and requirement.

example: if Domain Admin allow to use the resource then it can be use otherwise they haven’t having access.

Mostly in Offices Infrastructure having Domain Group authentications because we can apply the policies according the IT Protocol.

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