Solutions X11 Proxy Unsupported

Sometimes we always faced the Error during the GUI interface Installation.

So we need to fixed the issues to set the parameter in GUI format

In between these GUI interface we have faced the isuues.

[oracle@12c Disk1]$ ./runInstaller

[oracle@12c bin]$ ./dbca

So now here I am going to fixed it.

[oracle@ 12c ~]$ export DISPLAY=:0

In it I am just mention the Display Parameter

After this we will going to set the Localuser force fully

[oracle@ 12c ~]$ xhost +SI:localuser:oracle

Now we can run check the installer GUI interface

So re run the installer

Whatever we have to require in both of them

we also need to remove comments line

Perform this methods on root directory

[oracle@12c ~]$#vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config

just remove the comments line and change it with yes

ForwardX11 yes

ForwardX11Trusted yes

[oracle@12c Disk1]$ ./runInstaller

[oracle@asmqp bin]$ ./dbca

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